Digital Scans

Trios HD color scanner by 3ShapeMany patients report having impressions taken is a stressful part of dentistry.  Besides being messy, bad taste, gagging, minutes of setting time and retakes are a fact of life with traditional silicone impression materials.

We recently introduced Full Color Digital 3D impressions with the Trios HD color scanner by 3Shape.  Now our patients can have digital impressions taken of their mouths for crowns, bridges, implants, night-guards and more all without having a messy impression material in their mouths.  The Trios uses HD color photography alone to capture Thousands of HD photos per second to create a highly accurate 3D image of your teeth!

This state of the art technology allows us to eliminate physical impressions, one of the hardest parts of having dentistry completed according to many patients.  No more gagging or waiting for minutes for silicone to harden!  We make a digital file of your teeth and securely upload it to our dental lab for fabrication of your dental restorations.  The Trios can also measure the shade of natural teeth to allow accurate shade matching for our dental labs.

We are very excited to be among the first offices in the area to offer this revolutionary advance in dentistry.  We encourage you to ask us about Digital Impressions!